If you like my work, please do drop me a line or two at: megha.vishwanath@gmail.com

Over the last 11 years my work spans illustration, art, visual and print design, user experience and interface design, branding, information design and book design. While I approach all new creative projects with the same level of enthusiasm, I have a penchant for illustrating children's stories, creating comics and writing poetic verses.

I have in the past worked across Social Development, Education, Technology and User Experience. I now freelance as an illustrator from Bangalore, INDIA. My Clients include Asia Society TX, C&G Partners NY, Dixi Books, Pratham Books, Katha.org, Indianicca, Yoda Press, IIT Madras, Current Conservation Magazine and quite a few self-published authors. I am also a third of the founding team of Yada Yada Collective that is a platform for the community of Graphic Designers and Illustrators in India to connect and share experiences.

I love it if the conversations meander around education, health, water and ginger tea! Hope we get to talk soon.

Megha Vishwanath